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A bit about me:

I am a Ph.D. graduate from the Mechanical Engineering Department, at the University of Canterbury at Christchurch (UC), New Zealand. Recently completed 5 years of postdoctoral tenure from the USA and looking for a research/teaching tenure position. My research combines the interdisciplinary fields of engineering, biology, and physics which aims to bridge the gap between micro/nanorobotic, cyber-physical, and synthetic biology to create a new archetype to invent bio-secure automation strategies for cell-cell communication, mitochondria therapies, in-vitro fertilization, and targeted drug delivery.


My doctoral research addresses one of the complex issues that affect the automation of high throughput cell manipulation strategies for enucleation in bovine cloning and in-vitro fertilization. I achieved a significant milestone with the first experimental demonstration of a 3D rotator biochip to rotate/manipulate a bovine oocyte in 3D spaces with high-throughput manipulation, thus, enabling the long-standing issue of 3D control of a single cell. My work also, showed for the first time, that such biochips, can revolutionize cloning and in-vitro fertilization sectors by providing cost-effective, high throughput 3D cell rotation.


Also, I envision contributing to science-policy-making and cybersecurity management, as my experience with research tells me that there is a lot to be done to protect scientific data, maintain policy protocols, and secure cyber-physical systems.


My biggest selling point would be my varied colorful experience working with industries and academia across continents. Worked as a team member and also as a leader. I came across various different cultures and was blessed to have experienced such a vast human connection professionally and personally.

My present research focuses on understanding the effect of magnetic and electric fields on cells and it's organelles, such as mitochondria that can not only open up new avenues for treatment of cancer therapy and neuronal disorders but can also transform the way magnetoelectric based cell therapies are performed today. My ultimate aim is to delve deep into investigating electromagnetic effects on cell organelles in the sub-nano or quantum domains to investigate cell-cell communications. In the near future, I foresee myself to be leading a research team in the field of micro and nanoparticle manipulation using electric and magnetic fields with the fusion of AI for various biomedical and defense applications.

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