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  • • Over 5+ years of postdoctoral research work experience in microfluidic and cell culture assay with electromagnetic fields. Manipulated E. Coli bacteria and vibrio using an electromagnetic field with closed-loop controls; acquired work experience in bacteria and mammalian cancer cell culture and microscopy imaging.
    • Over 5+ years of work experience in designing and analyzing next-generation magnets (permanent and electromagnets).
    • Over 5+ years of work experience in developing advanced algorithms to manipulate colloidal particles, magnetic beads, cells, and biological entities such as mitochondria, oocytes, and bacteria. Research experience in biological cell rotation and handling using AC electric fields.
    • Ph. D graduate: Major research concentration on electrokinetic effect on biological cells.
    • Editorial board member of ESTEEM journal of science and technology, University Technology Mara, Pinang, Malaysia.
    • Reviewer and member in International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT)
    • Experienced in photolithography, L-edit, micro/nanofabrication, cell-based microfluidic assays.
    • Over 10+years of research and teaching experience in laboratory management, such as setting up a bio-safety lab from scratch, assisted control system lab experiments. Taught control system engineering and mechatronics design class, 2011-2013 at Mechanical engineering department, University of Canterbury.
    • “Powertrain hybrid vehicle design engineer” in General Motors (GM), Bangalore India, 2009-2011.
    • Over 4+year research experience in Matlab, COMSOL V4.3, and ABAQUS analysis software.
    • Over 2+ year of experience on Unigraphics NX3, Pro-E parametric 3D design software.
    • Parametric Solid 3D modeling Simulation and Analysis experience.

Lab skills: Cell and Bacteria culture, Biological safety lab experience, Magnet design, Microfluidic device and cell handling, mammalian cell culture, cell separation, rotation and capture techniques, electronic circuitry and equipment, immunological chemistry, fluorescence microscopy

Fab skills: Micro-milling, contact and lift-off photolithography, thin-film deposition (RF-sputter, e-beam evaporation), dry and wet etching (metal, asher, RIE), metrology (SEM, AFM, profile-meter), wafer cleaning (RCA, piranha), wafer bonding and dicing, SU-8 and PDMS coating, moulding work on glass

Computer skills: COMSOL (CFD, FEA), Quick field, MATLAB, Uni-graphics, LabVIEW, L-Edit CAD Editor, SolidWorks, SigmaPlot, Mathematica, Maple, C,C++,PI/SQL

Office and web: MS-Office, Excel, Power Point, Windows XP, Vista, Dream weaver, Adobe Photoshop.

Transferable skills:

Entrepreneurial: proposed original research, acquired own funding through UC premium postdoctoral research fellowship

Leadership: selected for aspiring leadership conference held at Wellington, NZ in 2012, trained and supervised 2 junior lab members on lab protocols, led journal club discussions

Communication: delivered 10+ research presentations, peer-reviewed 2 research papers for journals

Analytic: worked independently to test hypotheses, designed experiments, and analyzed data

Organization: scheduled monthly lab cleanups, managed equipment and inventory, ordered supplies

Teamwork: collaborated with graduate students and clinicians for publications and management 



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Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, USA

Jan 2020 - Apr 2021

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, USA. Jan. 2020-Apr. 2021
* Research focus on Colloidal particle manipulation using electromagnetic fields, bacteria, and micro/nanomagnetic particle manipulation with precise control for targeted therapeutics.
• Research summary:
• Cultured E. Coli bacteria tagged with magnetic beads and integrated electromagnetic imaging system to control the movement of bacteria in various polymer viscous media. Precise control of bacteria movement provides valuable information regarding navigating bacteria to the desired locations in the human body for targeted cargo delivery.
• Manipulated bacterial flagella tagged with avidin-biotin magnetic coated beads using electromagnetic fields. Designed an electromagnet coil system and calibrated the magnetic fields. Measured magnetic fields experimentally and numerically.
• Microscopy imaging, and cell culture of mammalian secondary cell lines. Gained research work experience in handling confocal, epifluorescent, darkfield, phase-contrast microscopy. Experience gained in handing Nikon inverted microscope system. Performed design of experiments (DOE) to experiment for cell and bacteria assays.
• Isolated mitochondria from endothelial and breast cancer cells to investigate the response to electromagnetic fields.
• 3D bio-printed breast cancer cells in bioinks, tested the viability by injecting bacterial cells to investigate host-pathogen interactions.
• FEM/FEA based CFD computation of magnetohydrodynamic fields for rare earth element separation.
• Worked on managing the lab logistics and gained experience in maintaining BSL-2 lab environments. Accumulated experience in working with biohazard.
• Guided 4-Ph.D students, 3-Master, and several undergraduate students in lab management and research. Mentored K-12 high school students on bacterial motility studies.
• Collaborated with researchers to work on imaging virus and cell imaging using microscopy and advanced imaging techniques.

University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA

Apr 2016- Nov 2019

* Research focus on magnetic nanoparticle manipulation for targeted drug delivery applications such as, delivery of drug through skin, and ear.

  • Research summary:

  • Working on designing next generation disc magnets to push/pull magnetic nanoparticles into human cochlea for efficient targeted drug delivery applications. Provided fundamental framework in magnet design and optimized magnetic force applied on magnetizable objects such as steel ball or thumb pin to achieve push force on magnetic nanoparticle. Analysed and experimented with push/pull force on magnetic nanoparticles delivered into human cochlea and cornea for efficient targeted drug delivery.

  • Worked on delivering magnetic nanoparticle through tissue barriers. For this purpose, gained experience in tissue and gel (agarose and gel) culture.             

  • Innovation summary:

  • Invented and innovated next generation combination-disc magnet. Innovated a simple system to find the disc magnet force applied on magnetizable objects. 3D printed magnetic holder to place disc magnet in needed position.

  • Worked on developing a lab-on-a-chip device to manipulate magnetic nanoparticle using innovative disc magnet and other permanent rare earth magnets. Quantified nanoparticle motion in the chip using custom built image processing algorithm. Employed high resolution epifluorescence inverted and vertical microscope to detect magnetic nanoparticles aggregate motion under calibrated magnetic field.

  • Mentor/ teaching summary:

  • Guiding 2-undergraduate and 1-graduate student relating to magnetic nano-particle manipulation studies.

  • Mentoring 3 undergraduate students for “Terps in space” program competition. We are innovating a system to create sodium alginate spheres in silicone tube filled with calcium chloride. These spheres house fertilizable egg cells and aid in organism growth. We are investigating the sphere behavior along with organism growth habits in microgravity.

  • Impact: working on provisional patent for next generation magnets, 2 first-author publications under progress, Co-authored work published in journal of hearing.

  • Experience gained: microchip for magnetic nanoparticle handling, device to measure magnetic force applied on objects, ICP-MS analysis and statistical analysis, image processing, tissue and gel culture, mentoring students.

CVUT, Prague, CZ

Nov 2014-2015

Title: “Postdoctoral research fellow”

  • Working on advanced algorithm development for automated system to determine dielectric properties detection.

  • Developing non-linear stochastic system algorithm to detect biological particles, beads and cells in the micro-fluidic lab on a chip device.

  • Working on system identification for automation of cell movement tracking and rotation under dielectric fields.



University of Canterbury, NZ

June2010-May 2014

Title: “Teaching and research assistant”

  • TA on control system for 2nd year pro students in UC.

  • TA for solid works laboratory.

  • Research on AC electric field induced dipole based 3D cell rotation.


General Motors, India


Title: “Powertrain hybrid vehicle design engineer”

  • Worked on GD&T for engineering design.

  • Gained experience on Unigraphics and Teamcenter management.

  • Completed advanced hybrid vehicle training and benchmarking sessions.


Amity University, IND • PGP. Cyber Security                                                                                                                             May. 2022
Major: Cyber Security, Postgraduate program (part-time)


University of Canterbury, NZ Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering                                                                                            May. 2014

CGPA: 4/4 • Major: bioengineering and micro-robotics • UC Premier doctoral research scholar fellow


University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA • M.S. Mechanical Engineering                                                                          Dec. 2007

CGPA: 3.15/4 • Major: robotics, controls and vibrations, Graduate research fellow


Vishveshwaraiah Technological University, Karnataka, India• B.E. Mechanical Engineering                                   Sep. 2006

CGPA: 3.5/4 • Major: robotics and controls


English, Hindi, Kannada and Telugu

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