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Project |01


Electromagnetic coils to manipulate micro/nano magnetic particles (Helmholtz and Maxwell)

Jan 2020 – Mar 2021

  • 3D printed a holder to arrange 6 electromagnetic coils. Mounted 3D Helmholtz coils on a microscope stage 

  • Applied DC voltage controlled via Labview and computer/electronic interfacing

  • The system was used to manipulate magnetic beads and also to move beads inside cells

  • Also, used MagnetiBox (as shown in Figure, 5 DOF) to apply various field frequency and amplitudes instead of custom made coils

Courtesy: Ref, Dr. Ali's lab, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, USA

Magnet setup.jpg
Project |02


Calibration of magnetic fields 

June2016–Dec 2019

  • Calibatd magnetic field from a permanent magnet using Matlab and Comsol simulations

  • Also, used a hall probe sensor system integrated with ~6 micron mechanical stage in x, y and z to measure magnetic fields (System arrangement shown)

Project |03


Magnet force on objects (Innovation in progress)

Apr 2016-present              

·         Innovated a system to determine the magnet force on objects such as steel balls and thumb pins.

Project |04


Lab on Chip for rotation of particle in 3D spaces using AC induced electric fields.

June2010–May 2014

  • Research on rotating a spherically polarizable object such as biological cell using suitable AC electric fields.

  • Employed electrokinetic/dielectrophoresis and fabricated a biochip using photolithography and micro-milling.

  • Single bovine oocytes were handled in the applied biological laboratory and gained experience on manipulating and handling oocytes.

  • Gained micro-fabrication expertise.
Project |05


Hybrid vehicle power train design (Reva car project)

Jan 2009-May 2010

  • Worked on stator-rotor assembly and stack analysis using Uni-graphics.
  • Design, and analysis of magnetic components to check for any interfacing using stacks.
  • Benchmarking to understand and gain experience on handling vehicle dynamics.
Project |06


Gore Seam Space Membrane Analysis

Jan 2007–Dec 2007               

· Research on circular membrane analysis using ANSYS, Unigraphics and Mathematica

· Non linear solution for the membrane analysis problems in space structures.

·         Use of Mat-Lab to solve non-linear partial differential equations.

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