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Tech startups: the Stockholm guide

I liked the article which came in the guardian:

Welcome to Stockholm: in constant iteration

Caroline Walerud, the co-founder of 3D scanning startup Volumental, explains that even in Sweden's mature startup scene, she had to turn to Kickstarter this summer to raise more than $20,000 in seed funding

Volumental, my own startup, was born in a hotel room during a Skype call at 3 am in October 2012. I was calling three technologists from Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology, whom I had first met just days before. We decided to start the world’s first cloud-based 3D scanning service.

The 3D revolution will change the world, but it requires access both to 3D printers and 3D models for printing. But those 3D models are still too difficult to create - and that is what Volumental is here to change, from one of the top startup hotspots in the world.

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